K'Graph Organization 

Balance between Independent and mainstream Contens Artist and technology Experts

 the KoreaGraph.org aims to cultivate outstanding professionals and Students power in the 21century Smart MediaEra of animation that be overcome Korea's situational limitations in Convergence of Arts and Technology and put original contents and software in the ever-changing online network environment and the new technological circumstances. Methodologically, the KOREAGRAPHt seek new methods of recreating programs in forms of Digital media

Focus of Activity

While acquiring the basics of practical multimedia production through diversified practice sessions, students Educational Industrial Project Planning through theoretic leaning in contemporary culture and communication. Centering around the four core course of drawing, story-writing, sound and computer graphics. the curriculum offers expansion of practice and theory in majoring subjects, each course conducting intensive stage-by-stage training and benchmarking sessions to instill a sense of the real scene.