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/Lee Jung Min

Animation is the effective tool what embraced many kinds of narrative.

Now it expands its own area from the center of digital  contents, and its not just a product but also a sort of source-contents.


I started from humanities, and after majored in cartoon & animation, worked in mainstream from 1993.

I developed the solution of digital animation process, and made educational product, multimedia contents,

safety demonstration, commercial film, virtual museum and web contents etc.

On the other hand Im concerned about body and mind.

Finding body and mind is important in my life, and animation is also a very suitable tool in order to express the situation of body and mind.

I think the direction of ubiquitous technology is facing  humans body and mind.


So, the works I am planning are towards packaging animation contents including narrative and interactive structure.

Because I believe the possibility of Korean animation is in new window area.













ǰ/Kim Ui Geon

1990 ~ 1998 Graduate school of Theater & Cinema, Hanyang University. 1994~2003 Animation Producer, SICAF Curator, etc. 2004~2009 Theme Park Business Planner, Visionworks & Cuzco 2011~2015 Expert of Film Animation Team, CJ E&M 2016 President & CEO, AC Company.