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â/Han Hee Chang

Education: 1992-1994 Dept. of Cartoon and Animation, Kongju National College 2000-2005 Dept. of Animation, Korea National University of Arts Employment: 1997-1998 Enter Graphics (Assistant Manager) 1999-2001 CARTOON PARK (Manager) 2005 to date DOOLYNARA Inc. (Producer) Awards: 1996 SICAF1996 short animation section - paper airplane Silver prize (Director) 1996 SICAF1996 character design section - 12 gods Silver prize (Designer - co work) 2003 SBA short animation creative support system - The Simulator Supported (Director) 2009 43rd Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival - The Little Dinosaur Dooly BRONZE REMI (Producer)


















ڼ/Park Se hyung

I want to be a good painter and illustrator,Graduate from Fine art college of Hong ik University(BA)

And also Id got my MA, Graduate from

Seoul National University

postgraduate course of art and education in Seoul Korea.

theme and title of graduation thesis is the Educational function of Cartoon


so I was first planner of KOSCAS/Korean Cartoon

and Animation Studies,SICAF/Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival and PISAF/Puchon International Student Animation Festival.

During 1998-2000, I d been a chairman of KOSCAS. also a President of PISAF,and 1995-2004, Art director and Total manager of SICAF.


As a Director of animation, I was joined some TV series ,Festival promotion and display,independent works and animation for web. Besides I was consecutively professor of Gon-u, Se-Jong University, at 1997, established K'arts animation department in the end.

More detail is on my own website.