Lee Sung Hwan


Ah (2011)

Graduation project of K'arts. Stopmotion animation of Lego Toy 2011 Anncey international animation film festival final sellection nominated.(G.F) 5min.


2011 Graduate from K'arts dept. of animation

2009'HOW TO SAVE YOUR HOME' 6min.director

2008.'While you're stepping'5min.

2011 representative student of K'arts MFA, KNUANI-X


Park Yoo Na


A-Choo (2009)

own directing short animation. 2D digital.16min. DVD School Romance Fantasy.



2009 Graduate from Se-jong universty, College of cartoon& animation

2007 'Back Street. 5 min, short animation

2002 <Arctic industrial Inc> mini DV/Color/5'30 Screened in Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival,2003 Japan Digicon Grand prix 2002 New talant 'silver wing prize'

2003 Screened in Angouleme Festival

2007 <Muscle Man> Korea Students Animation Festival bronze prize

2008 Japan Pop culture festival <Ani-Cup>2008 Grand prix


Kwak Ki Hyuk


Muscle Man(2007)

In the New york city, The fighting begin between Super hero 'Muscle man' and robot fighter.


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