Lee Je Rim


Rooters series (2009)

Graduate from Gong-Ju national university Collegy of cartoon and animation but she try to study media arts and motion graphics in K'arts seeking new sttyle of animation and media arrts.

Graduate from Chung-Ang University dept. of design

Experienced animation production director

Production Graphic Desiger

2011 Student of K'arts MFA, KNUANI-X


Lee Yeo Jin


Dance (2009)

MFA Class project of K'arts. Pen drawing linetest.

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Kim Go Eun


Coffee Violet(2009)

Concept artwork for short animation.

2009 Graduate from College of Film design

2010 Korea, Japan animation Co-work


Feng Joann


Fog (2007)

She Is exchanging student from China communication univ. and also she graduate from K'arts BFA ..