Wormhole System

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Feature of Wormhole System

A. Scheduling

User can create and schedule project, sequence, shot, asset and task type. Schedule can be easily changed any time. Schedule manager uses Gantt chart for task scheduling

B. Task

Wormhole divides tasks based on skill or task type. Task based division produces efficient work and also helps in assigning artists for job. Wormhole provides template based task scheduling.

C. Publishing

Wormhole uses publish tool software to upload files to the file server and update file version to manage data systematically. Wormhole provides user with workspace and a project based file management structure

D. Plug-in

Wormhole supports various plug-ins. Change in published or loaded data can be efficiently applied to current work using these plug-ins. Other useful plug-ins are also available.

E. Review & Message

Wormhole enables real-time communication between users for direct feedback. Reviews and messages are saved as archives. Users can also attach files with messages.